Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Music Review: Verena von Horsten "Alien Angel Super Death"

I've been listening to this ablum for quite some time now.   I actually received an email about it back in January of this year and since then my life has been hectic to say the least, but this has provided a great sense of a soundtrack to it.    I must say that having this in my "To Review" folder for so long must be some kind of record.   Almost any other album would have been reviewed or deleted by now.   I feel like one of the strong reasons why I never wanted to delete this was simply because of the title, as shallow as that may sound.

If you're like me and you don't listen to the radio, you'll hear a lot about artists without actually hearing their music.   Not just through people- because various aspects of my life, unfortunately, cause me to go outside every so often- but because I tend to get press releases like "RIYL: this flavor of the month".   If you think that the "flavor of the month" thing isn't real, just look at where certain artists are now that you liked last year or the year before.

So while most people are out there listening to Adele, Florence and the Machine and even someone with the last name... I want to say... Mercedes?  Mendez?  I don't know.   But as these women are seen as powerful and their music is sold to millions, they are just not what I listen to and if you listen to "Alien Angel Super Death" by  Verena von Horsten you will understand why.  

Not only does Verena von Horsten manage to sing like no one else you will ever hear (Somewhere between Shirley Manson, Polly Scattergood and PJ Harvey), I am told she did the musical arrangements on this herself.   So when you go from these soulful sounds to the pure energy of finding yourself running through crowded streets, you'll find satisfaction in knowing these concepts, these ideas all came from the same mind.

In my time spent listening to this album I've learned one thing: Musically, lyrically, it is a great album and there is no doubt about that.    But what makes this stand out is that it can be listened to at almost any time, as evidenced by the past six months or so of my life.   I've listened to this at my highest and I've listened to it at my lowest.   When you're sad, when you're happy, whatever emotions you need to work through it seems as if Verena von Horsten is here for you.   And whether you want to lounge on your couch, run for exercise or go out dancing at a club, yeah, this is your perfect soundtrack.

Alien Angel Super Death can be purchased digitally, on record and/or compact disc by following this Bandcamp link here.

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